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WATCH: Jaycee Dugard Tells Diane Sawyer About Moving On

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  • Now Playing: French President Says, ‘France Is at War,’ After Priest Brutally Murdered

  • Now Playing: Massive Wildfires Burn Near Los Angeles

  • Now Playing: Houston Police Officer Runs to Rescue Mom and 3 Kids From Husband Firing a Gun

  • Now Playing: IP Address Linked Russia to DNC Hack, Expert Says

  • Now Playing: Hillary Clinton Becomes the First Woman Nominated by a Major Party

  • Now Playing: Trump, Pence ‘Don’t Know What They’re Talking About’ With ISIS

  • Now Playing: Cyber Investigators Point Fingers at Russia for DNC Hack

  • Now Playing: Index: Prince Harry Talks About Regret Over Not Speaking About the Loss of His Mother

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