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Tim Berners-Lee: It is up to all of us to build the web we want – for everyone – Liberal Democrat Voice


I’ve been meaning to write about this subject for the last week, but somehow Conference got in the way.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote an important article in The Guardian about a week ago, which should be taken seriously by anyone involved in politics who a) cares about democracy and b) understands the significance of online campaigning – which I guess means most LDV readers.

As the inventor of the worldwide web, Berners-Lee has ardently campaigned for web universality and net neutrality, and he has put structures in place to try to ensure its independence from political and commercial interference. I wrote something about his concerns in 2010 when he marked the 20th anniversary of his invention with a warning article in Scientific American.

He repeats some of those worries in his latest article, demonstrating that the threats have not gone away, and indeed have been joined by new ones.

His first concern is that we have lost control of our personal data. We willingly offer our personal data to websites in exchange for online content, though usually we won’t have read the T&Cs and may be unaware of how that data can be used and passed around. But what we don’t realise is just how powerful we could be if we retained control of our own data and decided who to share it with and when.

Worse still:

Through collaboration with – or coercion of – companies, governments are also increasingly watching our every move online and passing extreme laws that trample on our rights to privacy.

Note that the link is to the UK Snoopers Charter, not to legislation in some repressive regime.

Secondly, we’ve all been talking about fake news, and Berners-Lee elaborates by saying that it is too easy for misinformation to spread:

Today, most people find news and information on the web through just a handful of social media sites and search engines. These sites make more money when we click on the links they show us. And they choose what to show us based on algorithms…

Read the complete version from the Source…

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