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Spring Scouting For November Bucks – North American Whitetail Magazine

My heart sank, as the young doe the triple-beamed monster was following tried cutting left, when I so desperately wanted her to cut right. Just that fast, it appeared the doe that was bringing Mr. Big into my life was about to tear him away, when all I needed was a few more steps in my direction.

This triple beamed monster is one of many bucks that the author believes spring scouting was a critical aspect of putting him in the right place to release the arrow.

Luckily, Mr. Big didn’t seem to care much for what his estrus doe wanted. He was going to get a drink at the water hole my stand covered, and she was coming with him whether she wanted to or not. Hooking around her, he tined her rather forcefully in the side, redirecting her to the water hole. Moments later, I was shaking like a leaf, trying to compose myself, before daring to climb down and walk over to where an Easton my Mathews had sent through his boiler room had laid him to rest.

Without a doubt, studying the topo map the previous winter was what alerted me to the potential stand site. Located where the three tapering points met, it formed a busy intersection for bucks going from, to and between the higher ridges above. However, it was the early-April foot scouting trip that sealed the deal. With various-sized beds dotting the high grounds, and rubs and scrapes smattering about those tops, it was obvious that this was as busy an intersection as I first suspected. The scrape marking the intersection, approximately the size of the hood of a truck, only cemented in my mind that this was THE spot to be.

Aerials and photos are great resources for locating potential stands, but foot scouting is still required to be sure the sign meshes with expectations, as well as for unearthing those locations that the photos and topos don’t reveal.

As technology increases, foot scouting is seemingly becoming a less and less important part of filling buck tags. Between up to date aerial…

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