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Reinvented Decorative Laminates, Wall Panels and Accessories for 2017…

Illuminated Backsplash Kits

Outwater Industries’ collection of MetLam Panels offers our customers a true hybrid of sophistication and technology. These HPLS (High Pressure Laminates Sheets) are high-quality design solutions that feature real Aluminum, Copper, and Stainless-Steel. These beautiful sheets are also available with hand painting, embossing, and other stylish and innovative techniques. Our Metlam Panels are available in 74+ beautiful styles. Whether installed horizontally or vertically, our collection of 4’x8’ Metlam Panels install easily and add sophistication to any space.

Our collection of FlexLam Wall Panels offers design flexibility and style for any space. These state-of-the-art panels are available as either textured or non-textured, depending on your preference. The textured, 3D panels are manufactured for high impact resistance, and can be used for commercial, residential, and recreational applications. Outwater’s non-textured panels can create a dramatic design, and also have the ability to be cut to almost any shape, and can be bent to fit a range of curved surfaces. The FlexLam Wall Panels are available in 58 styles, and are the perfect solution for significantly changing the design of any room with ease.

Outwater’s Translucent Panels are attractive additions to any design, and can be used for modesty panels, shower enclosures, cabinet door inserts, restaurant reception desks, and more. These fiberglass panels are strong, impervious to moisture and can be used in high traffic areas. The panels can be imaged with either a custom image of your choice or an image from our extensive stock library. Our Translucent Panels are also available with a white backing for less transparency, and can be backlit if desired.

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