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Photographer Christopher Horsley camps on an active VOLCANO to capture stunning photos

For most tourists the sight of a simmering volcano spitting out red hot lava and plumes of ash cloud would send them running – but one intrepid traveller couldn’t resist the opportunity to capture the otherworldly terrain on camera.

Christopher Horsley, 24, from Ormskirk, Lancashire, shot his camping trip to lava lake Marum on volcano Ambrym in Vanuatu, with expedition founder, Geoff Mackley and fellow climbers Nik Halik and Kevin Keator. 

Mr Horsley, who acted as both an expedition guide and photographer/drone pilot for for the trip, said: ‘As climbers/filmmakers specialising in accessing volcanoes, the purpose of the mission was to acquire access to the crater floor spending a night inside and to capture images using drone photography for documenting purposes.

‘To set up camp in such an extreme location completely blows the mind, being surrounded by 450 metre rock faces on all…

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