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Late Nite Carnival ferris wheel malfunction sends 2 to hospital – Ball State Daily


Two students were sent to the hospital after their feet got stuck on the ferris wheel. DN PHOTO EMMA ROGERS



The two students have been treated and released from the hospital, according to Ball State’s Twitter account. 


Two students have been taken to the hospital after a ferris wheel malfunction caused the ride to become stuck on their feet, Ball State police chief Jim Duckham said. 

What he thinks was hydraulic fluid from the machine had leaked around the surrounding area.

“I’m not a mechanical guy … but that’s what it smells like,” Duckham said. 

Travis Nerding, a freshman life science education major, and Kyle Kedra, a junior meteorology and geographic information studies major, were next in line to get on the ride.

“Basically where the feet rest is, as they were going up, it got caught and both the passengers feet were stuck in between,” Nerding said. “We just heard this screaming and the guy running the ferris wheel started freaking out, trying to press the button to make [the ride] stop, trying to get people to help him.”

More than a dozen people were holding on to the ride, attempting to make it stop before Ball State police and Muncie firefighters arrived. Both Nerding and Kedra said they did…

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