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How the Conservative Media Become Trump’s Lapdogs – POLITICO Magazine


Fourth Estate

We used to complain about how the press sucked up to Obama. And look at us now.

For years, conservatives breathlessly accused the media of being too easy on President Barack Obama and for acting like a bunch of sycophantic bootlickers for his administration. Turns out, some only wanted the chance to try it out for themselves once a Republican was in office.

The Trump administration, with all its ethical mishaps and conflicts, presents conservatives the perfect opportunity to establish themselves as a tough, new vanguard of right-of-center journalism. Unfortunately, right-wing trolls and fanboys with press passes seem more interested in racking up brownie points with POTUS and nursing grudges against liberal media competitors.

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Sadly these media personalities—easily found in places such as Breitbart and Fox News—have become exactly what they hated their mainstream media foes for being: biased cheerleaders all too willing to ignore any misdeeds by the president in the name of helping him enact his agenda. Some of those who used to be the conservative movement’s most loyal government watchdogs are nothing but lapdogs now for Trump.

Breitbart News, the alt-right website that Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon ran until last year, is the most obvious example. Its writers fumed over how gently the liberal media treated Obama, even resorting to splashy pranks to prove their point. This is the website that heralded James O’Keefe’s ACORN sting, where the provocateur went to great lengths impersonating a pimp. Its founder, the late Andrew Breitbart, once laced on a pair of roller skates to cruise through a union protest,…

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