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Future prosperity in India must go hand in hand with the country's rural sides – Jerusalem Post Israel News

Unlike centrally planned China, India follows a federal system of governance.

With significant powers in the fields of economy, education and social welfare resting in the hands of individual states, decentralization has created unequal results across the country – 69 years after India’s independence.

If the State of Gujarat boasts of hitting double-digit industrial growth year-on-year, and the State of Kerala prides itself in maintaining over 90 percent literacy rate, the State of Bihar is still mired in age-old caste-based conflicts and the State of Jammu and Kashmir has been devastated by decades of cross-border terrorism.

To engage with India is to engage with all the divergent strands of this subcontinental tapestry. Lack of a “single-window clearance” or differing regulations can be extremely …

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