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Dr. Kevin Most: Medical Records and Spring Allergies – WGN Radio

Dr. Kevin Most on the Steve Cochran Show

Medical Records

Remember when you would go to the doctor and have blood tests and he said, “if you don’t hear from me everything is good” ? Or how much anxiety did patients have waiting for the results of a test or x-ray as they waited for days for the doctor’s office to call with the results. Well for one that is not a great way to practice medicine and how often did you leave concerned that the lack of a call may have been due to a missed report or a really busy nurse or doctor’s oversight.

With the Electronic Medical record much of that has changed. Doctors initially went kicking and screaming in some cases as they were forced to go to an electronic record getting away from a paper record. This has allowed us to deliver safer care and has also allowed us to share information with other doctors, hospitals and more importantly the patient. Almost every doctor is now on an electronic record, The federal government has really forced all doctors to the electronic record.

Has it caused some dissatisfaction among doctors? Sure especially for doctors later in their careers. Many feel it has decreased the time we spend with patients while at the same time making our days longer to complete our charts. We hear complaints all the time from the patient who says “the doctor had his back to me and was typing in the computer the entire time” Believe me, Doctors don’t want to have their back to you, they want to be able to sit with you, spend time with you during the visit but the advancing age of technology has impacted this. In the paper world many docs had templates and could hold the chart in their hand and complete their charting while looking at you, they would pull out their…

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