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Design By Humans Introduces Unique Headset Band Design Contest for…

Design By Humans could not be more thrilled to partner with SteelSeries on their Artics headband line. This partnership will allow our world renowned artists yet another outlet to express their creativity.

Design By Humans is pleased announce their partnership with the rapidly expanding American PC gaming headset brand SteelSeries. A popular community amongst art and design enthusiasts, Design By Humans features artistic creations from independent designers across the globe.

More about SteelSeries Artics Headsets can be found at

A number of independent artists from have played a stellar role behind the creation of the Arctis collection from SteelSeries.

The artists involved in the partnership all showcase different styles of art. Beastpop‘s creations are heavily influenced by Saturday morning cartoons, horror movies, sci-fi, fantasy, real American heroes, comic books, sugary breakfast cereals, rock ‘n’ roll, giant monsters, space opera, and wild animals. Spanish designer Medusa Dollmaker likes to work filigrees and organic forms related to nature, the occult and classic art. UK-based designer Rick Crane offers a mix of digital, ink and collage, all drawing inspiration from a deep appreciation of the natural world. A conceptual artist and photographer, Neonbeast creates poems of shapes and lines that cross the boundary between the dream and reality. Whereas, Girly Trend from France offers her unique style jam-packed with rainbow shades and vibrant hues.

Expressing his pleasure about partnering with SteelSeries, the President of Design By Humans Jeff Sierra said, “Design By Humans could not be more thrilled to partner with SteelSeries on their Artics…

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