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3 Grounds For Selecting Cremation

When someone chooses cremation it is a very private one. Whether you are making the choice for yourself or for a loved one, your options can be effected by many issues.

1. Some people have a fear of close spaces. Very often the idea of burial is particularly terrifying for these people and they pre-arrange their cremation.

Some people have a severe psychological or pathological fear of burial in the ground or a tomb. This thought can often leave people in a panic so if they pre-plan their arrangements for after they die; many times they are much better able to cope with their own death.

2. Some find the concept of having their ashes or the ashes of their loved one scattered on the wind or water to be a very beautiful thought.

After cremation, the “ashes” are returned to the family of the deceased.

Depending on the wishes of the family, the cremains can be placed in a special urn…

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