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Month: October 2016

Safe for Now, Canadian Dairy Farmers Fret Over E.U. Trade Deal

“It affords us a good income,” said Rhonda Thompson, whose husband, George, comes from a family that has been dairy farming on its homestead in this rural Ontario municipality since 1837. “Is there something wrong with that?” Continue reading the main story The Canadian dairy farmers have organized occasional protests against the trade deal, including […]

3 Grounds For Selecting Cremation

When someone chooses cremation it is a very private one. Whether you are making the choice for yourself or for a loved one, your options can be effected by many issues. 1. Some people have a fear of close spaces. Very often the idea of burial is particularly terrifying for these people and they pre-arrange […]

The Silent Handicap

In and of itself, focal hyperhidrosis (or localised excessive sweating) is not a serious medical condition. This is the main reason why it does not get much attention from the medical community. Unfortunately, the condition is associated with social disturbances that can significantly interfere with an individual’s behaviour and ability to perform daily activities that […]

Prince Mikasa, Brother of Emperor Hirohito of Japan, Dies at 100

Photo Prince Mikasa around 1930. He was the first Japanese royal to become a professor, and to get a driver’s license. Credit Imagno, via Getty Images Prince Mikasa, an Imperial Army veteran who turned pacifist and the independent-minded younger brother of Emperor Hirohito of Japan, who reigned during World War II, died in Tokyo on […]

Warning Signs and Treatment Plans for Squamous Cell Lung Cancer

Squamous cells are called hearty cells because they are usually exposed to the surroundings when breathing. Nonetheless, most of these cancer cells could only tolerate cigarette smoke and other poisonous substances for a certain timeframe. Squamous cell lung cancer can display a great amount of dependence with smoking cigarettes. This simply mean that the development […]

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