China sets up $14.6 bln internet investment fund – Xinhua

By Dominique Patton | BEIJING BEIJING China has set up a 100 billion yuan ($14.55 billion) fund to support investment in the internet sector, said official news agency Xinhua on Sunday. The fund, backed by China’s cabinet, is designed to help turn China into a major player in internet technology, said the report. An initial

Crossing red lines: What's annoying Asian nations most?

How can you get under the skin of an Asian country? Diplomatic body searches, bomber flights, shrine statues and even doormats have set governments on edge. Here’s a nation-by-nation look at Asia’s figurative, and in one case literal, sacred cows: ___ SOUTH KOREA South Korea takes offense first, and most regularly, with Japan, largely over

No, Most People Don’t Need to Go to College – American Thinker

If human nature weren’t as it is, I’d be perfectly content with tearing apart America’s educational system, root and branch, and starting over from scratch. Compulsory schooling? Gone! Federalized K-12 standards? Fini! Stafford Loans? Kaput! But, given the fragility of such deep-seated things, I’m wont to hold back, arguing for cautious reform toward a more prudent position. I

Perl retires after four decades at VWPD – Van Wert independent

DAVE MOSIER/independent editor The Van Wert Police Department said good-bye to records clerk and former dispatcher Oribel “Ory” Perl, who is retiring after serving more than four decades in the department. Longtime Van Wert Police Department dispatcher and records clerk Ory Perl received a clock plaque from Lieutenant Doug Weigle during her retirement reception on

Interview with Downton star Phyllis Logan

Almost unrecognisable from her role as the dowdy housekeeper in Downton Abbey, Phyllis Logan is starring in an exotic new medical drama. She talks to Judith Woods about seizing the day and those Downton movie rumours… Coat, Catherine Walker. Bangle, Pebble London ‘Obviously I never had a career to speak of before Downton Abbey,’ says

The speed limit for intra-chip communications in microprocessors of the future

Abstraction: noise power in a nanophotonic communication channel. Credit: MIPT Researchers at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology propose a method to precisely predict the level of noise caused by the amplification of photonic and plasmonic signals in nanoscale optoelectronic circuits. In their research published in Physical Review Applied, the scientists describe an approach